Editor at Large France


I’m Sébastien Pélegrin, and I work as an art director at a magazine publisher. I am 43. I have lived in the south west of France for 10 years, in a small town named Lectoure, home of a fairly large photography festival every summer called “L’été photographique de Lectoure”. Previously I lived in Paris and will move back there early in 2013.

I have two children and I am separated from my wife. I started to take pictures about ten years ago using a small point and shoot digital camera. I bought my first reflex in 2007, a Canon 400d, and upgraded to a 5DII a couple of years ago. I started to use my iPhone about a year ago when I downloaded IG. Since then, I have looked at things differently, seeing pictures I want to take everywhere, all the time.

I take pictures many times a day. I keep my iPhone in my pocket all the time! Sometimes I go for shooting trips with some friends, but otherwise I shoot alone. What I like the most is B&W street photography. I get inspired by people: I love people, people in the street, people at work, people everywhere.



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