Editor in Chief and Creative Director
Photo by Rachel Calviño @ratoneando, partner and shareholder 6
We still retain in our memories the image of a certain publicity stunt from a supermarket chain whom, to reaffirm its leadership, positioned the figure of a defying cyclist on the top of a summit as a close-up. Sat on his saddle, the athlete straightened his muscular body backwards, trying to devise –with his hand placed over his forehead- whether any other competitor was still following right behind him at the end of the valley. And it was a bitter yet proud grimace on his face, as he contemplated no one behind him.

This is happening to us now. We have already produced and distributed nine Shooter issues while pedaling non-stop, going up hills, slowing down at certain points in order to correctly approach curves along the way. We have carried out everyday races but also sprints. And, we wouldn’t be able to be fair or just enough with all those who have supported us through these intense stages if we didn’t publicly recognize that, precisely because of our Shooters, is Shooter Magazine now considered, undeniably, the first and most relevant universal catalogue for artistic mobile-photography.

The editorial art market already contemplates as such, and has made itself echo of great recognitions that have reached out to us from important people that intervene in the mobile phone market and other related fields like social media. And that is where the recent fashion of taking selfies, a trend that we cannot argue with an artistic explanation if we reduce its phenomenon down to a mere manifestation born out of collective spontaneity that, behind the many social media communities, reaches a vast amount of mass criticism. We thus find, revolving around the topic of photographic apps, the goal of achieving a rise in consumerism amongst major businesses via the adhesion of new, unconditional followers grouped in thematic segments.

The quality of Shooter Magazine is explicable and truly roots from the extraordinary group of artists that have joined our community, and whom we have served for as a display window for the exhibition of their valuable work. Faced with the immediacy and ephemerality of snapshots circulating on social media, we have decided to showcase on paper their extraordinary artistic quality in order to provide photographic art-lovers a rich, serene and rigorously collectable experience. This can only be achieved with the support of the most precise, beautiful, and permanent reproduction that man has at its disposal since the origins of the great cultural revolution that began with the invention of Gutenberg’s printers and the use of printed paper stock.

The criteria for the selection of artists has been so strict and rigorous – when including artists in our issues – that we can firmly assert that our restricted list of authors (the Shooter List), is composed of an exceptional assemblage and a first-class collection within a worldly artistic phenomenon and a ground-breaking and dynamic discipline as is mobile-photography. Our prestige is endorsed as well by the accuracy in the periodic apparition of our consecutive issues and the quality of its design and content. This is our merit and the reason for us to be proud. This is the heritage of shooters: Shooter Magazine, The First Mobile Photo Magazine in the World.