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Rodrigo Vieira, 38 is a Photographer and a Creative Art Director graduated at FAAP and ESPM in São Paulo, Brazil.

Street Photographer, Suggested User on Instagram, Featured on Tumblr, EyeEm recommended Photographer, Rodrigo has 9 Honorable Mentions in the Mobile Photo Awards in the last 3 years.

He has had his work exhibited in São Paulo (MIS and DOC Gallery), in NYC (Openhouse Gallery, Soho Digital Gallery and Photoville), San Francisco , Miami (Miami Art Basel) , Tehran, Tokyo (Tokyo Institute of Photography) , Toronto, Derby UK and Paris (NUMA) ,

London (London EyeEm Future) and Mannheim, Germany.

Rodrigo believes in the power of photography to tell a good history and connect Brands and People in a meaningful way.

@rodrigomcv @rodrigobw

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