It is our pleasure to introduce
Special portraits

The Publisher Milos Kalvin @miloskalvin.
Photo by Giacomo Por

Editor’s letter

I have two daughters, Sarah and Raquel. What I first did when I saw them in her mother’s arms after they were born was taking pictures of them, capturing that moment and making that miracle of life last forever in a graphic document. I would have considered myself a socially rare individual if I had failed to make such documentary of life. We have the means; we have the technology tools which make it easier for us to carry out this documentary work and enable us to create that family album, shoot and take photographs, portray and immortalize. […] In this issue of Shooter Magazine, consisting of two volumes, we will find very different samples of the artistic view of the portrait only seen through the work and its plasticity. No corsets, restrictions or fears. Giacomo Por becomes the guest editor of volume one and suggests a selection of artists who, under the common subject of portrait, show us their vision of this photographic discipline. With the title “The Ghost of a Metaphor” it is the common thread that surrounds and embraces it. In volume two, which contains the photo selection made by the editorial board of Shooter, we can explore the personal vision of the artists in the same visual territory, the portrait. Let’s see how that artistic look “portrays” a varied and complex universe. We’ll see how photographers from different nationalities dig into the guts of the portrait and show us their version of society, a cultural universe and even its own particular world. What do they all look for? The artistic discipline of the portrait has multiple visual edges, so many sides and creative possibilities as worlds live therein. We only want to show them to you to let you get close to the fact, the individual, the person and therefore the artist and the understanding of their works. (Continue in the print version).


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