#shootercarnival2013 Other proposals for the CONTEST “SHOOTER CARNIVAL 2013”. PRE-SELECTION fifteen
@nilhierro, @DixonRHamby (EyeEm) @aurch, @mabadca
PROCEDURE > each “partner and shareholder” shooter will elect their favorite artist and of these we select 32 Semifinalists artists. THE 16 finalists and the prize special “COVER of the number 3 of SHOOTER” will be selected by the editors. THE CONTEST IS OPEN TO EVERYONE BUT ONLY IS PUBLISHED IN THE “QUARTERLY PRINTED LIMITED EDITION” The artist who have joined the project editorial as “PARTNERS/SUBSCRIBERS”.
All the information in www.shootermag.wordpress.com (SHOOTER CONTEST) and profiles of the “LOCAL AMBASSADORS OF SHOOTER” and SHAREHOLDERS.