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It is pour pleasure to introduce to publisher Milos Kalvin @miloskalvin.
Photo by SUZANA DORDEA @asonproject @suzanik @visualwitness

Editor’s letter. Nobody follows us.

CONTINUED FROM PREVIOUS PHOTO. The quality of Shooter Magazine is explained and has its real roots in the extraordinary list of artists who have come to us, to whom we have served as a showcase for the exhibition of their invaluable work. Faced with the immediacy and transience of snapshots circulating on social networking, we have put on paper an extraordinary artistic quality to provide all photographic lovers can enjoy with a full, strictly classifiable and quiet contemplation. Something that can only be achieved with the aid of the more precise, beautiful and permanent reproduction that man has at its disposal since the beginning of the Cultural Revolution with the invention of printing by Gutenberg and the use of printed paper.

The criteria to select authors has been so strict and rigorous – the included artists in our successive editions, that we can say our short list of authors (the Shootter List) includes an exceptional cast and a collection of the highest level in such a global phenomenon, so novel and dynamic, as the artistic mobile photography discipline. Our reputation is also supported by a rigorous periodic appearance of successive volumes and the renewed quality of its design and content. That is our merit and our pride. This is the heritage of all of you, partners of Shooter Magazine.

We hope you enjoy visiting every page of this new issue as much as we have done with editing. We suggest that you approach the magazine contemplating first the two works selected to wear our covers. One led our team almost simultaneously to evoke the feeling of a “Garden of Earthly Delights” (one of the most fascinating, mysterious and compelling works of history of art, painted by Bosco) with the photography “I’ll be late, 2013 iphone 4S” from Christian Mondot, and the other to rescue the film language of “Citizen Kane” with the work “Time, 2013 iPhone 4” from José Luis Barcia. Merely a reference for starting, but in any case, both exponents of this fascinating art form that has emerged so recently, that is completed in nearly two hundred pages with works by Mayka Navarro, David Arranz, Ernesto Peña (signer of the numbered graphic work accompanying the magazine and that will be provided exclusively to you, the partners) Javier Lorente, Z. Akabueze Kamau, Pablo Montero, Hiki Komori, Juan Pascual Mark and Stephen Curry.It is our pleasure to introduce Alan Thomas Duncan Wilkie @alanwilkie, partner, subscriber and artist of SHOOTER MAGAZINE. This work is included in the ten pages article of this gorgeous artist.

2 differents covers +10 artists +200 pages. +200 photos and almost 1 kg of “pure paper” Each issue is printed on high-quality paper stock– together with one exceptional printed photo numbered and signed by Ernesto Peña @e_rnst.

Artists included in this issue: Marien Gadea @number21_ David Arranz @arridj Ernesto Peña @e_rnst Javier Lorente @jlorente07 José Luis Barcia @Joseluisbarcia Kamau Z. Akabueze @by_kza Mayka Navarro @maykita Pablo Montero @pablomon Christian Mondot @cclm31 Hiki Komori @hiki_komori_ Juan Pascual Marcos @juanpas9 Stephen Curry @flightster.
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